The Love Warrior 2003

This project came about after a particularly distressing experience trying to find love last summer. I blamed myself for the disaster because I had never defined what a partner to me should be like.

A list started. A ‘defining’ to know who this person could be. An envisioning. Swan suggested a conjuring.

I thought of this project as ‘finding love.’ Indeed, every time I have gotten my cards read this winter, love was to be found through work and work was to be found through love.

The compulsion to document all the words manifests itself here; the completeness complex; summing it up. The desire to be known and loved is also here.

At some point, I was calling it the ‘First Date Dress.’ As in, here is everything you need to know, spelled out for you on my outfit.

I am inspired by medieval clothing with hidden pockets to keep the Book of Hours. I mean it to be prayerful in a way. Not so glib as I act.

After such a disppointment, one is not rational. Personal value is forgotten. Disassociation occurs.

Previous work addressed Existence.

This one plays with Images, Beliefs and Projections of the Self.

Its imagery has moved from the sweet date dress to a tribal shield or a gladiator’s armor. Love Warrior. Bodybook.

The fear and defensiveness protects me from love. But here is everything; the story-telling.

The Front panel:  what others have said to or about me

The Front skirt:  what I seek in others

The Back panel:  theories of my self, representative or transformative

The Back skirt:  what I desire to be true about my self.

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