I love being a fixer

I washed this dress and it shrank, and I also gained weight (photo from ’06) and thought it was useless. But all I had to do was sew a little loop on the front waist where one broke. And I will be heading to the gym after this.bcbgsilk


also trying to fix this 40 year old silk robe from Hong Kong. It was some stains on it that I don’t care about, but needs some frog closures. Don’t know what to do about that.

IMG_1246 IMG_1251

Found it in my mom’s closet over break. My uncle gave it to her; he also gave me and my sister robes. Those tiny ones are lost I presume.

And I fixed something else today!

I got a switch to connect both my netbook and my tower to the big monitor and wireless keyboard and mouse. It is a fantastic and simple device.


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