fixin’ a steak

I started to ‘fix’ my art collection last night. The wall space is dwindling. Recently the furniture moved around. And some new acquisitions were made. Thus, some rearranging and cataloging must commence. With that, comes dropping stuff–had to fix a frame already and still trying to figure out how to get that framed print from behind the stove. Can’t fix my steak until print is retrieved.

IMG_1262 IMG_1263

These pix were taken less than 30 minutes ago and it has already changed. Started at one end of the apt, bedroom, and will work towards the kitchen.

The painting in upper left over mirror was the first painting I bought. I was about 3 years old. The white framed collage on lower left is one of my pieces.

Artists include Adabel Allen, Ou Mie Shu, Carol Sanchez, Joan Boyden, Aaron Bass, Cristina Clarimon, and Pamela Wesolek.

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