the apron project

might put some p0ckets on apron. notice the ring holder

I have wanted a leather apron since the waitress at Suppenkuche in SF was wearing a long one. This used to be a pillow of silkscreened leather. The screen was originally used on clay and made into a vessel.  The belt was a hand-me-down from a tiny friend that I was going to make a knife belt out of, like the little red-haired girl in the Lion, Witch, Wardrobe movie had. And then another sample swatch of leather from New Balance days?


The bench the pillow used to live on. Mary Ben basically made this bench; my design and upholstery. I think I sold it to Shinji in Boston and then he moved back to Japan; so whereabouts unknown. Photo of hat I made; Carlsbad. A planter from Lawrence time. Photo of my host family from Spain; high school.


Photo of silkscreen on clay vessel. Gifted to Injo. someone said it looked like a giant bloody tooth.


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