extra sour brownies

original title was “pissed,” but Momo recommended the less angry one. and since I am having some lambrusco with my sunday brunch of fried eggs, sausage and garden brandywine tomato, I thought I would go with it.

20150816_11260720150816_11232420150816_112358 my lovely vase

Surprise! It’s taped together underneath where the 2 part meets the single, since it was broken by a careless studio mate before bisque.

20150731_192818   before

20150804_144822  after

please don’t touch greenware or glazeware!!

please place your items on the shelves so no one else has to move them to make space.

not sure what to do with my separate parts. btw, Crispin Red + Straw on Klamath Brown

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