mystery solved, sort of

The case of Forbes Green and Straw on a dark clay body and in what order.

Exhibit A

20140508_122959 a pot that has been sitting around the studio for ages. Liang thought it was straw + forbes green on dark clay

I tried those combos in different orders. many times. on Toast clay
IMG_5216 IMG_5215 IMG_5210 IMG_5209 IMG_5217 L. straw first, R. FGreen first. both really nice, but not exactly it.
20140708_193056 other examples did not come nice regardless of texture.
on light colored Raku clay
IMG_6188 IMG_6186
FF to breakthrough!!
IMG_6133 IMG_6134 IMG_6132
Forbes BLUE + Straw on Klamath Brown clay. oh joy!
I thought this was the true combo of original pot.
This was a messed up glazing of basically the same combo on Klamath. FBlue + Straw.20150808_163937The back part came similar, but can’t be official since I did some heavy scraping when the straw went on so thick. (Flat part had no blue. Lower vertical did have blue, but major scraping.)
This Friday’s kiln open gave me another thought.
Forbes Green back in play + Straw on this cup of cuteness. also Klamath Brown.
20150814_133311 20150816_112330
Looking pretty darn like Exhibit A. Both colors were sticking thick during glazing and one (I think Kjell said FGreen) seemed to have Epsom salts in it. (The little shadow part was ROatmeal on top i/o Straw. more on that later.)
BUT, Ann said this cup was 2 x Forbes Green. Showing out its blue side, on a white clay body.
So I’m thinking it has got to go on thick. Both glazes.
Ilana tried FBlue + Straw on this KBrown tray. The difference from my vase being horizontal v. vertical. So less breaking?
 As usual, the glazes were likely of different batch mixes, much time has passed for the life of this story, and every kiln firing is different because of placement within kiln, etc.

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